1. Shake silver pouch of Big Bubble Bliss concentrate well

2. In a clean bucket or storage container thoroughly mix entire contents of the silver pouch of Big Bubble Bliss concentrate with 12 cups of warm water. Stir for 2 min.

3. Submerge the ends of the two wands in the bubble solution to soak and saturate the attached rope

4. To form bubbles, slowly pull wands out of bubble solution and open outward to form a triangle with rope. Walk slowly to move air into the triangle to form bubbles. Open and close the wands to create different bubble formations


  • Add an additional 1 to 2 cups of water if solution is too thick and bubbles are not forming
  • Weather conditions will influence bubble formation, if it is too windy put bubbles away and go fly a kite
  • Leftover solution stores just fine, be sure to keep it covered so it does not evaporate
  • Bubbles create a slippery surface. Grass is a perfect non-slip solution and softer landing pad
  • Slow movements work best, Don’t fling the wands
  • Don’t eat bubbles, or get solution in your eyes because, of course, soap tastes nasty and makes your eyes burn.